About Elaine

A highly diversified artist, Elaine paints portraits, animals, landscapes, flowers, trees, coconuts and much more. Her work has been shown in galleries and other venues, especially in the prominent South Florida art scene.

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Elaine has traveled to some of the most remote corners of the world. These adventures and journeys have honed her artistic eye and broadened her creative range, resulting in an impressive portfolio of work. See her gallery.

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Contact Elaine

Elaine Krupnick is a professional artist based in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Boulder, Colorado. Elaine would love to hear from you! If you would like to correspond with Elaine directly, please contact her through this website.

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Elaine Krupnick’sĀ paintings are in private collections all over the United States and her work has been shown in galleries in Colorado, Florida and the Bahamas. Some of Elaine’s paintings are also in the collections of the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Florida and Sabadell Bank.