About Elaine

About Elaine

Elaine first realized she wanted to become a painter when she took a trip to the South Pacific 20 years ago and met Pauline Bewick, an internationally acclaimed Irish artist.

Luckily for Elaine this famous artist was her first instructor. A friendship developed and Elaine’s passion for painting soared. She introduced Krupnick to watercolors and after the first brushstroke Elaine was hooked!

Soon after, Elaine studied with some of the most prominent artists in the United States. Elaine credits Kevin Macpherson with encouraging her to work in oils and concentrate on landscapes, Gregory Kondos for making her realize how crucial color is in creating great paintings, and Albert Handel for helping her see beauty in life through the eyes of an artist.

After spending many years with pastels, Elaine fell in love with the vibrant colors and the warmth of oils.

“I feel that my paintings truly reflect my inner soul,” says Elaine. “My goal is to get the movement and light perfect so my paintings become alive with color.”

An avid traveler, Elaine’s camera captures images from all over the world that soon explode on canvas.

“When I see the beauty in reality that speaks to my heart, I envision a painting.”

A highly diversified artist, she paints portraits, animals, landscapes, flowers, trees, coconuts and landscapes. When not traveling the world, she divides her time between South Florida and Colorado, which gives her a greater and more varied artistic range.

Now a respected and sought after artist, Elaine spent most of her early life as a Registered Nurse, Assistant State Attorney and Child Advocate.

Elaine uses the same tenacity with art she has shown in all areas of her life. Her forceful and honest paintings capture her energy and simply connect with people.

Her paintings are in private collections all over the United States and her work has been shown in galleries in Colorado, Florida and the Bahamas. Some of Elaine’s paintings are also in the collections of the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Florida and Sabadell Bank. Please feel free to contact Elaine for more information about her artwork.

Membership in organizations:
Oil Painters of America
Art Serve
Boulder Plein Air